Waynesboro, VA Wildlife Removal & Wildlife Control Services


Animal Control Solutions performs professional services such as Nuisance Animal Removal, Wildlife Exclusions, Wildlife Trapping, Insulation Installation, Insulation Removal Services, Dead Animal Removal along with a host of other services that deal with nuisance wildlife throughout Waynesboro. We specialize in raccoon removal, squirrel removal, groundhog trapping, bird control, bat removal, snake removal, and skunk removal. We have created innovative practices in order to economically and effectively handle all types of nuisance wildlife problems. We provide services throughout Augusta County Virginia including Staunton.

Providing Virignia with effective Wildlife Control Solutions since 1993!

Bat Removal

Virginia Bat Removal Bat Removal in Waynesboro, VA is one of the most common problem animals we have in the area. Bats are a very beneficial animal to the environment however bats in an attic are a health hazard. The bat guano these animals contaminate your attic with create a unsafe environment beacuse of these droppings. The hazards of bat guano is why it is so important to have these animals removed. Bats in the attic calls are common throughout Virginia areas. Big Brown bats and Little Brown bats are the common culprits of attic infestations of homes. We also specialize in bat guano cleanup of attic areas and crawlspaces. We provide complete attic restoration services caused from animal feces. If you suspect a bat in the attic, give us a call today and we will provide a complete solution to your bat problem!

Snake Removal

Virginia Snake RemovalSnake removal in Waynesboro, VA is also very common service we provide throuhgout the year. With the buildling boom happening in the Waynesboro VA the population has almost doubled in size in a matter of a few years or so. With this increased population size and the demand for increased housing the home buidling has happened very rapidly. Unfortunatley with this rapid buidling explosion the qulaity of homes being built has compromised some qulaity of workmanship. Snakes have taken advantage of these conctruction gaps, and cracks to enter homes. Our Wildlife technicians will perform an inspection to locate these cracks and imperfections of homes that a snake can take advantage of. Once the inspection has been completed we can make the neccessary corrections to prevent any reeentry of a snake. We are experts at Snake Removal and Snake Prevention services.

Raccoon Removal

Virginia Raccoon RemovalRaccoon removal is also a very common call we get in the Waynesboro, VA area. Raccoons will take up residence in the attic areas, crawlspaces and other area that the raccoon will feel safe and secure in. As Waynesboro, VA has grown in population size, these animals have become more comfortable with people and become very "people friendly" Raccoons in attics are the most common call, followed closely by Raccoons in crawlspaces. We are a full service wildlife removal company and have all the trained people and equipment used to totally.


Skunks Removal

Virginia Skunk RemovalSkunk removal is also common service needed within the area. Common complaints are Skunks under porch and under other areas such as skunks under homes and buildings. Skunks are members of the weasel family and love to borrow under buildings. The two situations mentioned are the most common problems that homeowners face and we solve on a daily basis. Skunks are a very common nuisance animal found throughout Virginia and are great and fun to look at, however they should only be trapped and handled by a true professional wildife control professional. Skunks are the most common rabies carrier within the state of Virginia.


Squirrel Removal

Virginia Squirrel RemovalSquirrel removal is also a common service that we deal with on a daily basis. Squirrels in the attic are the most common call we get reguarding squirrels, however we do get many calls for squirrel trapping in the area. We like to use a more mechanical approach to squirrels in the house. We use a method called wildlife exclusion. This is a process that protects the home with metal.



Bird Removal, Birds in Vents

Virginia Bird RemovalBird removal and Bird control is often needed in the Waynesboro, VA area. Birds in Vents are a huge problem in this area. Lack of tress and nesting areas are one of the reasons that birds will often nest in the dryer vent and the stove vent of a house. Solving this problem often requires specific equipment such as high horse power vaccums that pull out all nesting material along with any bugs that may be in the vent. We then spray the inside of the vent with a multi species insecticide. After we do all this we then install a high quality vent guard that prevents this problem from ever happening again.



Animal Control Solutions proudly services Waynesboro, VA in Augusta County, VA as well as the surrounding Zip Codes: 22980, 24401 and 24402.